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New online DDP Supervision Group for SA, Australia

28 July 2023
Image with text "DDP Group Supervision, QLD with Lorren Arezio and Leah Millward"

A new online DDP Supervision Group for South Australia is meeting next on 7 August 2023.

This group is being facilitated by Lorren Arezio, DDP Consultant and Clinical Psychologist, and Lauren Cook, DDP Practitioner and Clinical Psychologist.

They will meet every 5-6 weeks, online and from 9-10:30am (timezone local to the group). Open to anyone with DDP Level One training, they also welcome anyone who has both DDP Level One and Level Two and are looking for something further.

We established this space to enable people to connect and to continue to support your DDP journey, as we know it is hard to grow and gain confidence in isolation. The group is aimed to provide a safe space to connect and share with others, to build skills, provide encouragement, and to keep the DDP conversation going. You do not need to be skilled in DDP, just keen to know more and wanting to grow and gain confidence.”

Registration costs $50.60 AUD (inc. GST) per session, tax receipts can be provided. All group members will need to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to participating in the group.

All dates for the group are as follows: August 7, September 18, October 30, December 11, 2023

To find out more and register please visit the DDP Group Supervision SA event page.

DDP Supervision groups are also going ahead for QLD and NSW, you can find out more on our main Supervision Groups listing page.