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DDP Worldwide and our exciting future

17 January 2022
Courtney Rennicke

Dear DDP Community, 

I wanted to reach out to follow up with all of you on the exciting developments taking place to form a new DDP Worldwide organization that was discussed at the DDPI Annual General Meeting in November.

As highlighted at the AGM, the DDPI Board and the DDP Connects UK Board of Directors voted to support the formation of a DDP Worldwide Working group comprised of myself (current DDPI Chair), Betty Brouwer (outgoing DDPI Chair), Alison Keith (Co-Chair of DDP Connects UK) and Joy Gamble (Co-Chair of DDP Connects UK).. 

In the coming months our DDP Worldwide Working Group will be focused on some first steps towards creating the new DDP Worldwide organization that will replace DDPI (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Institute) as our community’s home base, and forming our charitable organization the DDP Foundation. These steps include:

  • Starting to streamline all the administrative, financial, and technical processes for DDPI and DDP Connects UK (e.g. the collection of Training Fees, Practicum Dues and Annual Dues).
  • Forming a DDP Worldwide Board Working Group that will create by-laws for the newly forming DDP Worldwide organization and the new charitable organization, the DDP Foundation, that embed racial equity and social justice at their core, as well as reflect the cultural contexts of healing developmental trauma throughout our diverse and global membership throughout the Northern and Southern hemispheres. 
  • Supporting DDPI committees and working groups to recruit new committee members who can provide new perspectives from diverse lived experiences (e.g. race, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, educational experiences, learning styles, country of origin, religious practice). 

For many of you these changes may not be felt in the day to day of your interactions with the DDP community and we hope these changes are subtle, yet profound in supporting the growth of a more racially equitable and socially just organization that strives to heal the developmental and systemic traumas present in the communities, families and children in our worlds. 

We will be doing our best to keep you up to date with how this process is unfolding as we very much want to take the entire community along on this phase of our evolution. 


Courtney Rennicke
Chair, DDPI Board

Are you interested in volunteering for our committees, working groups or operational teams?

Most of our committees, working groups and operational teams are now actively recruiting new members to volunteer their time. You can find out more each one, including which ones are looking for members, what they do and their future plans in the following Google Doc: 

View Collated DDPI Committee WOOP goals

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