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DDP and PACE featured on the Trauma Informed Education Podcast

16 December 2021

Deni Melim was invited onto the Trauma Informed Education Podcast this month.

‘A Relationship-Based Approach to Supporting Students with Deni Melim’, follows on from the episode with Dr. Sian Phillips that was released in September this year.

Deni Melim builds the story of the classroom, as she takes us through how it works and how a day might unfold. The greetings at the start of the day, and the ways in which they ensure the children are only asked to focus on the curriculum once they are ready to learn, brings that sense of success the children need to experience safely. The therapeutic stance of PACE keeps the children’s trauma at the heart of every little communication and intervention, and Deni provides some lovely examples to support her work.

Deni is a co-author of ‘Belonging: A Relationship-Based Approach for Trauma-Informed Education’, with Sian Phillips and Dan Hughes.

Belonging Book Cover - by Sian Phillips, Deni Melim, Dan Hughes

You can listen to this episode in the DDP Library, through Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud.

Published in Australia by Dr. Kay Ayre with Dr. Govind Krishnamoorthy, the Trauma Informed Education Podcast features specialists from around the world discussing how to help traumatised children in educational settings.

All episodes from this podcast can be found in the DDP Library. You can also see all resources around education and schools under Educational Settings.