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Michelle Hogeterp, our new DDPI Worldwide Board of Directors Co-Chair

6 March 2024

We are delighted to announce that Michelle Hogeterp has become our new DDPI Worldwide Board of Directors Co-Chair.

Michelle was appointed to DDPI Worldwide Board last year. She has worked tirelessly with the Board and with our Executive team and has spearheaded many new initiatives. She has stepped into the role vacated by Delroy Madden who we graciously thank for his hard work and generosity.

Benjamin Hargrave, DDPI Worldwide Board Co-Chair writes:

“We want to thank Delroy Madden for working as Co-Chair as we started the new board. He has brought so much grounded energy and often connected us back to themes of equity as well as having a sound mind for business. He has been key in helping set the direction of DDPI Worldwide. Delroy is not leaving us and we are really looking forward to continuing to work with him.

As Delroy moves out of this role, we welcome Michelle Hogeterp as our new Co-Chair. Michelle has already given a huge amount to the Board and has been a powerful force for movement, change and connection. We want to welcome her into her new role and say a big thank you for stepping up.

Please feel free to connect with Delroy or Michelle with any messages of thanks or encouragement for their ongoing work. I personally feel honoured to know and work with both of these marvellous DDP Heroes!”

We’ve updated the DDPI Board of Directors page to reflect this change. The Board co-Chairs can be contacted directly by email at


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