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Healing Relational Trauma Workbook by Dan Hughes and Kim Golding published

20 February 2024

We are delighted to celebrate the publication of Healing Relational Trauma Workbook: Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy in Practice by Dr. Daniel Hughes and Kim Golding CBE.

This new book supersedes Attachment-focused Family Therapy: The Workbook as the recommended text by DDPI Worldwide for all DDP Training.

It is an invaluable practical resource that includes examples, reflections and explores how DDP can seek to embrace each individual’s identity and intersectionality.

Written as a companion to Healing Relational Trauma With Attachment-Focused Interventions, authored with Julie Hudson, both books are focussed on helping practitioners develop and deepen their skills and DDP practice. This workbook is practical guide to providing DDP interventions, including therapy, parenting and/or practice, with each chapter complementing its sibling in Healing Relational Trauma With Attachment-Focused Interventions.

Reflective and experiential, this book encourages the reader to give thought to their own identity, culture and experiences, to help enable a deeper consideration and understanding of the remarkable lives of the children and families receiving DDP.

Dan and Kim have expressed their firm desire for DDP to become “a lived model of practice for each unique practitioner working with each unique child and family”.

Benjamin Hargrave, DDPI Worldwide co-Chair writes:

“Kim Golding and Dan Hughes risked personal vulnerability by looking inward to sensitive truths while reaching out to find voices unlike theirs. As I read, the same journey was asked of me. I think this is really what DDP is. This is an important step in making intersectionality, community, and uniqueness a way of learning DDP.”

DDPI Worldwide recommends this new Workbook to all past, present and future DDP Training participants. It is the most up-to-date practical guide to DDP, containing a deeper exploration of the model as it embraces cultural competency.

It has been added to the DDP Library and is available at all good bookshops, including the publisher W.W. Norton USA and W.W. Norton UK.


W.W. Norton are offering a 25% discount for our community when buying through their websites using the following discount codes at the checkout.

W.W. Norton UK, discount code WN606 – for customers in UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle East, India, Pakistan and South Africa

W.W. Norton USA, discount code HRTW25 – for customers in the US, Canada and Australia

Praise for the book

The reflections and worksheets create a synchronous experience for the practitioner as DDP intends for children and carers; mentalizing abilities and confidence in working with families will grow as a result.

Allen Sabey, PhD, clinical assistant professor and licensed marriage and family therapist, The Family Institute at Northwestern University

Packed with scripts, case examples, and reflective exercises, this masterful resource revolutionizes DDP by embracing diverse cultural perspectives and intersectionality. Unprecedented in its integrative approach, this book is the ultimate compendium to fostering profound and healing connections for traumatized children.

Leticia Gracia, MSW, founding director, Institute of Childhood Trauma and Attachment

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Healing Relational Trauma Workbook cover

Healing Relational Trauma Workbook

Daniel A. Hughes, Kim S. Golding

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Daniel A. Hughes, Julie Hudson, Kim S. Golding

Healing Relational Trauma with Attachment-Focused Interventions by Daniel A. Hughes, Kim S. Golding, and Julie Hudson