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Crowdfunding target reached for Dr. Sarah Mundy’s new Parenting Through Stories books

11 May 2020
Bartley Bear © Sarah Mundy & Rachel Millson-Hill

Bartley Bear

Thanks to your help, Dr. Sarah Mundy has reached the crowdfunding total for her new book ‘Please Stay Here – I Want You Near’ and the accompanying parenting guide.

We featured this new series of books and Sarah’s efforts to raise the publishing funds in April. ‘Please Stay Here – I Want You Near’ is the first Parenting Through Stories book and guide in the new Bartley’s Books series which aims to help children and parents through storytelling and the attachment relationship.

On 3 May, Sarah Mundy posted with good news about the project funding:

WE DID IT! £10,000 target reached (and pledges still coming in!)

I never thought this would actually happen. A project I have loved bringing to life is actually going to be in print. Wow!

Thank you all so much for supporting us to reach our target. So many lovely messages of support from friends, family, colleagues and strangers. I can’t believe that we have had people pledging from all over the world – Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and the UK. Just brilliant.

We are still getting pledges in, and have 18 days left. There is a real possibility that we can get the next book into print relatively soon (I’m intending to get Stop That Now – I Don’t Know How, considering tricky behaviour, out next).

Dr Sarah Mundy

For more information and to help Sarah and her team reach the stretch target of £30,000, please visit the Crowdfunder Parenting Through Stories website.

I know Sarah is very appreciative of the support from both DDP Connects UK and DDPI.

Learn more about Sarah’s work and Bartley the bear at Parenting Through Stories. You can also check Bartley the bear out on Twitter (@Bartley_Bear), on Facebook (ParentingThroughStories), and on Instagram (Parenting_Through_Stories).

Parenting Through Stories children’s book and parenting guide © Sarah Mundy & Rachel Millson-Hill

Parenting Through Stories children’s book and parenting guide © Sarah Mundy & Rachel Millson-Hill