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New DDP Therapy Commissioning Guidelines

17 May 2019
DDP Therapy Referral & Commissioning Guidance Cover

The DDP International Conference, on 29th-30th April, Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK saw the formal launch of our new DDP Therapy Referral & Commissioning Guidance.

Written by Dr Billy Smythe and Dr Marie Kershaw in conjunction with DDP Connects UK and DDPI, the guidance aims to support UK based referrers and commissioners in considering whether DDP may be a helpful and appropriate intervention to explore.

It is hoped the guidance will:

  1. Raise awareness of the core requisites of undertaking a DDP approach (e.g. the need to work with parents/carers as well as children or young people).
  2. Help reduce inappropriate referrals and/or unrealistic expectations.
  3. Guide referrers through some frequently asked questions and points for reflection in considering DDP as an intervention. For example:
    • Who does DDP help?
    • What does DDP aim to do?
    • How does DDP work?
    • Key points for commissioners & referrers.
    • Checklist when considering a DDP referral.

The guidance is freely available to use through our Resource Library via the link below;

DDP Therapy Referral & Commissioning Guidance

We would very much welcome feedback on the usefulness of the guidance as a tool to aid your thinking and decision making. We are also hoping to begin work on a similar guidance specifically aimed at using DDP in residential settings. If you would like to form part of this working group, or have any comments or suggestions about either guidance document, please email

Please note that the guidance is intended as a prompt for reflection, to aid and inform decision making. It is not intended to replace professional assessment by a competent, trained and knowledgeable medical, psychological, mental health, social care or child developmental professional. Neither the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Institute (DDPI) nor DDP Connects UK are liable for any consequences arising from use of this guidance.