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Relationships in Good Hands (RIGHT) Trial Update and Phase 3 details

25 April 2022
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We are now coming to the end of the 17 month feasibility stage of the Relationships in Good Hands Trial (RIGHT).

Recruitment has been slower over the last few months for a variety of reasons and we are looking forward to opening our new final phase sites to boost numbers. The first to come on board will be Nottingham City Looked After Children CAMHS in May.

We are carrying out mapping and feasibility work with our other Phase 3 sites which we hope will include: Adopt South West, NHS Highland, Chrysalis Associates in Sheffield, The Child Psychology Service in the West Midlands, Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, and an extension of the Adoptionplus site into regional adoption agencies in London.

We are liaising with Clinical Research Networks (CRNs) close to each of the sites to provide support with consenting families and carrying out baseline measures and follow ups and will be carrying out training with staff in May. The CRNs likely to be supporting us include Thames Valley, Eastern, East Midlands, West Midlands and South West Peninsula.

CRNs have tended to support trials in medicine, and their involvement in social care trials is less well established but becoming a new priority for funders. We are very grateful for their time and involvement and the willingness of the teams to work in slightly different ways to meet the needs of work in the field of social care.

Fiona Lettice, our public involvement co-investigator says:

I firmly believe in early support for all families and that is why I am delighted and excited to be a Co-Investigator in the RIGHT Trial. It is great to be involved in research that can make such a difference to children and their families.

Fiona recently talked to Prof Helen Minnis, our Principal Investigator, about the importance of adoptive parents asking for help when they need it and the value of research with adoptive families. 

Ben Gurney-Smith, DDPI Research Committee Chair, writes:

The Research Committee and DDP Connects UK continue to support the trial to address points which the Trial team feel need clarity on and recently this has included how to support more practitioners on their DDP Practitioner practicum in trial sites.

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