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Why DDP? An Interpersonal Neurobiology Perspective

25 April 2014

Dr Sian Phillips has kindly given us permission to reproduce her article Why DDP? An Interpersonal Neurobiology Perspective on the DDP Network website.

Sian is a Practitioner, Consultant and Trainer in DDP.


Trauma and attachment difficulties have profound implications for the structure of the brain and make it very difficult for children who have experienced abuse and neglect to develop an integrative, stable and coherent brain. This then compromises all aspects of learning, which further limits mental health.

DDP is modeled on attachment and neuroscience principles to facilitate brain plasticity and engender a sense of safety so that the individual can move away from a focus on self-protective strategies and be able to make use of relationships in a healthier way. Relationships are a critical component of well-being…

Why DDP? An Interpersonal Neurobiology Perspective, Dr Sian Phillips

It has been added to the DDP Library where you can download a copy as a PDF.