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‘Please Stay Here – I Want You Near’ with Parenting Handbook by Dr. Sarah Mundy now published

28 August 2020

'Please Stay Here I Want You Near...' © Sarah Mundy & Rachel Millson-Hill

‘Please Stay Here – I Want You Near’ and the accompanying Parenting Handbook by Dr. Sarah Mundy, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, are now published.

We featured this new series of books and Sarah’s successful crowdfunding journey several times this Spring. ‘Please Stay Here – I Want You Near’ is the first Parenting Through Stories book in the new Bartley’s Books series which aims to help children and parents through storytelling and the attachment relationship.

Sarah writes:

Please Stay Here – I Want You Near is written for children aged 2-4.

It is interactive and couched in the PACE approach.  It aims to support children to make sense of spending time away from their parents and manage separation anxiety they may feel. The book includes lift-the-flaps which allow parents to ask their children questions specifically about their own feelings, helping them make sense of going to school or preschool.

With the extended time away from childcare and with new school starters missing the normal transitional planning it couldn’t be more timely.

Parenting Handbook © Sarah Mundy & Rachel Millson-Hill

Dr Sarah Mundy has also published an accompanying Parenting Handbook.

This outlines the theories behind the children’s stories (of which there are more to come). It also provides information and advice for parents to support their little ones emotional and behavioural development.

There are top tips for specific challenges that parents and children may encounter in the early years, focusing upon separation anxiety, tricky behaviour, potty training, healthy eating, bedtime routines and the arrival of a new sibling.”

DDP Connects UK and DDPI support Sarah’s ongoing work on the series, and both books have been added to the DDP Library, Please Stay Here – I Want You Near and Parenting Through Stories: Parenting Handbook.

To purchase the books please visit the shop on the Parenting Through Stories Facebook page. They will also soon be available to buy on CairnsMoir Connections website, please contact CairnsMoir for more information.

The Parenting Through Stories website contains more information about Sarah’s work, Bartley the bear and future plans for more books in the series. You can also follow Parenting Through Stories on Social Media through Twitter (@Bartley_Bear),  Facebook (ParentingThroughStories), and Instagram (Parenting_Through_Stories).


“This series is sure to delight young children and parents/caregivers alike. The children book is inviting, the images colourful, the characters relatable and along with the parenting guidebook the whole package makes for a fantastic series and invaluable resource. Woven throughout the stories and handbook is Dr. Daniel Hughes’ PACE (playful, accepting, curious, and empathetic) attitude. As I like to say, PACE is good for all but essential for some!”
Betty J.B. Brouwer, Chair of DDPI Board DDP Network

“It’s so helpful on both a child and parent level… But this isn’t just any story book. It does a fabulous job of helping me to have a conversation with my boy, exploring how he feels with question prompts and parent advice. I just love how supportive and accessible this book is for us both, to navigate the challenging emotions around this milestone. Knowing what to say to our younger children is particularly hard for parents, so I really value the help from this book.”
Parent of a 4 year old