Completing the Consultant Practicum

You will need to review a minimum of 10 recordings of DDP practice and often more than 10 is required.

Your final review, as decided by your Primary Consultant, will also be reviewed independently by your Secondary Consultant.

Your Consultants will provide you with written reviews and completed DDP Consultant Rating Scales. You are given both your Primary and Second Consultants reviews and Rating Scales.

You continue submitting reviews until your Primary and Second Consultant agree your practice has reached the standard required to be a Consultant in DDP.

If your Primary and Second Consultants do not agree on the recommendation then the DDPI Board Review Committee, whose decision and recommendations will be final, will review the final recording and written materials.

If it is felt that sufficient progress has not been made, the DDPI Board Review Committee will make recommendations prior to you continuing with the practicum.


What happens when I have successfully completed the Consultant Practicum?

1. You will be sent a DDPI certificate that states that you are a certified Consultant in DDP

This certificate will include the DDPI trademark, your DDPI membership number and the dates your certification as a Consultant runs for. It will name your Primary Consultant and will be signed by Dan Hughes, founder of DDP.

2. You have the option of being listed as a certified Consultant in DDP on the website

When you finish the Consultant Practicum and with your permission, certified as a Consultant in DDP will be added to your professional profile.

3. Declaration concerning Renewal of Certification for Consultants

You will read, complete and sign The Declaration concerning Renewal of Certification for Consultants.

Declaration Concerning Renewal of Certification for Consultants

Please return this document to the DDPI-Approved Renewal Consultant who is providing your clinical supervision.

Consultant Mentoring

There will be a period when an experienced DDP Consultant will mentor you by providing guidance and supervision, as agreed on an individual basis, in both your supervision of Practitioners in DDP and when you certify Practitioners in DDP. This will be for the first two individuals you certify as Practitioners in DDP.

Your Primary Consultant will provide this mentoring. To make the mentoring process as streamlined as possible, and to avoid duplication, the first two people you certify as Practitioners in DDP will be asked to have your Primary Consultant as their Second Consultant for their Practicum.