Experienced Practitioners and Supervision

7. Experienced Practitioners and Supervision

All references to Practitioners and Consultants assume that these are DDPI-approved.

Individuals who have completed Level One or Level Two training sometimes feel it would be helpful to receive supervision of their work focusing on the introduction and development of DDP principles.

Supervision at this point can be provided by experienced Practitioners in DDP as well as by Consultants in DDP. Please note that supervisors in this context cannot be seen as accountable for the supervisee’s practice. Such supervision cannot replace the supervision required by an individual’s agency or employers.

Only Consultants in DDP can certify an individual to become a Practitioner in DDP

This means that if an individual has completed Level Two, is receiving supervision from an experienced Practitioner and wishes to apply to start the practicum to become certified as a practitioner in DDP, he or she will need to talk with their supervisor about changing to receive supervision from a Consultant.

Experienced Practitioner criteria

To be an DDPI recognised “Experienced Practitioner”, the Practitioner:

  1. Is a member of DDPI
  2. Will have been certified for a minimum of 6 months and will need to be recommended by a DDPI-approved Consultant in DDP.
  3. Will offer this consultation or supervision independently and as part of their private practice, even if she or he usually works for an agency, a UK NHS Trust, or a UK Local Authority. There will be some flexibility about this for independent agencies, agreed on an individual basis.
  4. Continues to offer DDP as an intervention within their work.
    1. Has regular supervision from a DDPI-approved Consultant that is in line with the options for Practitioner Renewal of Certification
    2. Specific to their Experienced Practitioner supervisory role, will receive a minimum of one hour of supervision every two months from a DDPI-approved Consultant in DDP that is be specific to their Experience Practitioner role.
  5. Has information in their website profile biography about themselves and if possible, a photo.