What is required before starting the Trainer Practicum?

Step 1. Attain DDP Consultant Certification

You need to be a Certified DDP Consultant or engaged in the practicum required to become a Certified DDP Consultant.

You can’t become a Certified DDP Trainer until you have completed the practicum to become a Certified DDP Consultant.

Step 2. Be up to date with Practitioner and Consultant Renewal of Certification

You need to be up to date with your Renewal of Practitioner Certification and Renewal of Consultant Certification requirements.

Step 3. Nomination by a DDPI Board member

You need be nominated by a DDPI Board member to be eligible to become a Certified DDP Trainer.

You must receive a 2/3 vote in favor by the voting Board Members to be accepted to begin the Practicum to become a Certified DDP Trainer.

Step 4. Confirmation from a Certified DDP Trainer for the Trainer Practicum

You need a letter from a Certified DDP Trainer attesting that he or she will provide the Practicum experience that the Candidate requires.

Step 5. Completion of all required Trainer application materials and documents

The required application materials and documents will need to be seen by your Trainer and/or sent to the relevant DDPI appointed individual. Your DDP Trainer will tell you who this is and how to do this.

The DDPI Trainer Certification List of application materials:

  • Evidence of current Professional Registration (UK) or license of ability to practice as a Therapist in their jurisdiction (all countries except UK)
  • Signed confirmation that you have your own professional indemnity insurance or that your organisation covers you for your DDP activities using the DDPI Professional Indemnity Insurance Information & Declaration Form.
  • Completed and signed DDPI Attestation Form
  • Evidence from your DDP supervisor that your Practitioner and Consultant renewal of certification requirements are up to date
Step 6: The option of updating your professional profile on the DDP Network site

Once you have started the practicum, let your Primary Consultant know if you want to add that you are in the process of becoming a Trainer in DDP, to your DDP Network Practitioner profile.