Completing the Practicum and Certification

4. Completing the Practicum

  • You continue submitting recordings until your Primary Consultant considers your practice shows good skills in all areas of the core components of DDP.
  • You will need to submit a minimum of 10 recordings and often more than 10 is required.
  • Your final recording as decided by your Primary Consultant, will also be reviewed independently by your Secondary Consultant.
  • Your final review needs to be of a complete session, involving a parent and child. Your final review needs to be of a complete session and, as with the mid-point review, involve the appropriate family members for your particular practice certification. Your consultant will provide you with written reviews and completed DDP Rating Scales. You are given both your Primary and Second Consultants reviews.
  • You complete the practicum when your Primary and Second Consultants agree that you have reached the required standard of practice.
  • If your Primary and Second Consultants do not agree on the recommendation then the DDPI Board Review Committee, whose decision and recommendations will be final, will review the final recording and written materials.
  • If it is felt that sufficient progress has not been made, the DDPI Board Review Committee will make recommendations, such as further supervision prior to continuing with the practicum.

5. Certification  – What happens when I have successfully completed the Practicum?

Step 1. You will need to pay the final DDPI certification fee
USA and CanadaUKIreland and mainland Europe

Send the required DDPI fees by check/cheque or pay via BACS to the DDPI Administrator.  Contact details can be found on the DDPI Contact page. In the UK please ask your DDP Consultant about how to pay. Please do not email the website about how to pay UK fees.

Details of all DDPI Fees

Step 2. You will be sent a DDPI certificate that states the title you can use in your practice
  • This certificate will include the DDPI trademark, your DDPI membership number, and the dates your certification runs for. It will name your Primary and Secondary Consultants and will be signed by Dan Hughes, founder of DDP.
  • If you are certified as a Practitioner in DDP you can undertake all areas of practice.
  • If you are certified as:
    • A Practitioner in DDP (Parents and caregivers only)

    You must state this in your DDP-related title and all advertising related to your DDP practice. If you omit this and advertise yourself as being certified by DDPI to work in all areas of practice, this will be taken to the DDPI Board and your certification may be rescinded.

Step 3.Your successful certification will be published on the DDP Institute Google groups list serve
If you are not already a member ask your consultant about this.
Step 4. You have the option of being listed as a certified Practitioner in DDP on the website
When you finish the practicum and with your permission, your name, profile and contact details can be added to the list of certified practitioners on the website. We reserve the right to exclude or remove your profile from the website at any time.
Step 5. Declaration concerning Renewal of Certification for Practitioners

You will read, complete and sign The Declaration concerning Renewal of Certification for Practitioners.

Declaration concerning Renewal of Certification for DDP Practitioners

Please return this document to the DDPI-Approved Consultant who is providing your clinical supervision. 

6. How to convert a ‘Parent Only’ certification to one that includes parent and child work

The certification process allows for a practitioner who is working primarily with parents to become a certified DDP Practitioner for parent only work.

If circumstances change and the individual would like this certification to be extended to include work with children and parents, they will need to request further supervision from a DDP Consultant. It is desirable for this Consultant to be the one that did their original practicum, but if this person is unavailable another consultant can provide this supervision.

The requirement for any individual converting from a parent only certification to one including child work is review by the primary consultant of a minimum of six recordings of parent and child work. Further sessions may be required. The completion of the practicum will be when the primary and second consultants are satisfied that the individual has the skills needed to work with child and parents together alongside parent work. The end point will be supported by the completion of the DDP Rating Scale with recommendations from both consultants.