What is required before starting the Organisational Practicum?

Step 1. Choose a Primary & Secondary Certified DDP Consultant

An Organisation that has decided to pursue DDP certification chooses a Primary Certified DDP Consultant to guide, partner and mentor the certification process; this consultant may/can be in the employ of the organisation.

The Primary Consultant registers interest to the DDPI Board in the Organisation, becoming a DDP Certified Organisation with or without DDP therapy.

A Second Certified DDP Consultant will also be needed to ensure robustness of the practicum process; this consultant should not be in the employ of the organisation.

Step 2. Co-create a written Certification Proposal

The Primary DDP Consultant works with the Organisation to co-create a written Certification Proposal based on the Organisation Certification Requirements (see Appendix 1). This Proposal will:

  1. Describe the Organisation as in the ‘Organisation Certification Requirements’ (see Appendix 1)
  2. Evidence the use of the ‘Rating Scale to assist with the formulation of an Action Plan assessing Organisation Policies, Operations and Programs/Model of Working’ (see Appendix 2) identifying whether the Organisation has already met, partially met, or not yet begun to meet each requirement
  3. Outline an Action Plan with timescales that the Organisation intends to implement in order to meet all requirements; and as part of that plan
  4. Describe the contents of a ‘Portfolio of Evidence’ (see Appendix 3)
  5. Identify who in the Organisation is leading the Certification process
  6. Outline the contract for training and consultancy that the Primary Consultant has with the organisation and identify the Second Consultant
  7. Be about 10 A4/letter size pages

View Organisation DDP Certification Appendices 1 to 3

Step 3. Certification Proposal Submission

The Primary Consultant submits the Certification Proposal to the DDPI Board for consideration and approval.

Step 4. Certification Proposal Review
The Primary DDP Consultant submits the Certification Proposal to the DDPI Board; the Board reviews the Certification Proposal using the ‘DDPI Rating Scale for Organisation Certification’ (see Appendix 4) and;

(a) gives full and immediate approval, or

(b) asks the Primary Consultant and applicant Organisation to amend the proposal according to specified criteria, then resubmit it.

View Organisation DDP Certification Appendix 4
Step 5. Payment of application fees

The Organisation pays the application fee for DDP Organisation Certification.

Tiers are established according to an Organisation’s annual revenue and all fees due are in USD ($).

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Fee USD ($)$260$520$1040
Annual revenue<$500K$500K-$5M$5M>

The Primary Consultant informs the Organisation how to submit payment.