Completing the Trainer Practicum

Completion of the Trainer Practicum is described in the following steps.

1. Approval of Certification

If your chosen Trainer believes that you have demonstrated the ability to successfully train practitioners and organisations in all of the core training components, then you will be considered to be a DDPI approved Certified Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Trainer.

Materials to provide after Certification

Following Certification, you will provide a curriculum of your Training to DDPI to insure that the core components are being covered and to inform DDPI what, if any other (non-core component content) materials are being presented.

2. Non-approval of Certification

If your chosen Trainer does not believe that you have met the required level of ability to become Certified as a Trainer, the Certified Trainer will put in writing to you the reasons for not approving Certification, with the possibility of recommending additional Practicum experience.

The Candidate has the right to appeal this decision to the Board of DDPI Board Review Committee whose decisions are final.


What happens when I have successfully completed the Trainer Practicum?

1. You will be sent a DDPI certificate that states that you are a certified Trainer in DDP

This certificate will include the DDPI trademark, your DDPI membership number and the dates your certification as a Consultant runs for. It will name your Trainer and will be signed by Dan Hughes, founder of DDP.

2. You have the option of being listed as a certified Trainer in DDP on the website

When you finish the Trainer Practicum and with your permission, certified as a Trainer in DDP will be added to your professional profile.