What is the Consultant Practicum?

A range of methods are used to enable trainee Consultants to demonstrate, and be supervised on, the core skills required due to:

  • The wide range of knowledge and skills that need to be demonstrated
  • Issues relating to confidentiality of reviewing practice with families

DDP Practice reviews

You will be asked to provide a minimum of ten reviews of DDP Practice as given or shown to you by your Primary Consultant to assess and develop your consultancy skills in providing:

  • Initial reviews (that is, for applicants who wish to start the process of being certified as a Practitioner in DDP)
  • Mid point reviews
  • Final reviews
  • A series of 3 – 4 consecutive reviews
    • To demonstrate the process of ensuring the Consultants review comments are incorporated when individuals are undergoing the Practitioner Practicum (this can include the above initial, midpoint or final reviews)
  • Parent reviews (can include an initial review)
A minimum of ten recordings of DDP practice will need to be reviewed.

To increase flexibility in how this can be undertaken, given individuals differing circumstances, these reviews can be written, verbal, face to face, or a combination, as agreed between you and your Primary Consultant.


Your DDP Consultants will use: The DDP Consultant Rating Scale (available as a PDF and Word Doc.)

Independent Review

Your Second Consultant will provide an independent assessment of two of your reviews around the mid point of the Practicum and at the final point.