What is the Organisational Certification Practicum?

The Organisational Certification Practicum is designed to lead an organisation to transform its culture and philosophy of care to embody the principles, values and skills of the DDP approach.

The Practicum is the core of the Certification process that includes implementation of the Action Plan; ongoing consultation, supervision and training with the Primary Consultant; and creation of the Portfolio of Evidence.

It is an active process of staff training, program/service evaluation and development, and organisational change that results in meeting the Certification Requirements.

The role of the Second Consultant is to provide an independent review of Practicum progress at a mid-point in the process, as defined by the Primary Consultant, and at the end, when the Organisation and the Primary Consultant ascertain readiness for Certification.

At both points, the Second Consultant may visit the Organisation, interview Practicum participants, and so forth. Also at both points, the Second Consultant may describe additional activities necessary to complete the accepted Action Plan.

The organisation will receive a written review, Organisation DDP Certification mid-point and final review pro-forma, from both consultants at the mid-point and final review stages.