What is the Practicum?

3. What is the Practicum?

The Practicum is a supervised skills-based process that requires a minimum of 10 recorded reviews of your DDP work.

i. In addition to your Primary Consultant you also need a Second Consultant for an independent review on your middle and final recordings. This is not needed until you are half way through the practicum.
Second Consultants can be found via the Find a DDP Practitioner,Consultant or Trainer page.
ii. Send, or show, in total, a minimum of 10 recordings of your work to your Primary Consultant who will review your work and make recommendations
  • Please remember that this is a skills-based practicum and 10 is the minimum number of reviews. Please be prepared if more than 10 reviews are required.
  • The Consultant’s reviews and feedback may be given in person (in an individual or group setting), by phone, by Internet communication programmes, such as SKYPE.
  • If you are certified in a group, each of your reviews will need to take at least 45 minutes.
  • You and your consultant will decide how best to write up the review recommendations, depending on how your reviews are undertaken. For example, if you are in a supervision group, you may both agree to write up the feedback as it happens, rather than the Consultant have to write it up later after the group.
  • You need to demonstrate that you have incorporated recommendations into your next recording. You can’t therefore submit a number of recordings at once.
  • Video recordings that are mailed or shown via the internet must be done securely.
iii. Mid-point Independent review by both Primary and Secondary Consultant
  • You can approach someone independently to be your Secondary Consultant or your Primary Consultant can help you find one.
  • It is recommended that your Secondary Consultant is not a close working colleague of your Primary Consultant to increase the independence of this part of the review process. For example, if you are being certified in a group setting, with the group run by two Consultants, your Second Consultant should not be the group co-leader.
  • One recording around the mid point, as decided by your Primary Consultant, will also be reviewed independently by your Secondary Consultant.  This is usually around your 5th, 6th or 7th submitted recording.
  • The purpose of the independent review process is to maintain reliability and validity to the DDP model.
  • Your mid point reviews need to be of a complete session, approximately one hour long, involving a parent and child. Your mid-point review needs to be of a complete session, approximately one hour long, involving the appropriate family members for your particular practice certification e.g. if certifying to work with parent and child then the recording should be of a parent and child session, if certifying to work with parents only then the recording should be of a parent(s) session.  Your consultant will advise and will
    provide you with written reviews and completed DDP Rating Scales by both Consultants. You are given both your Primary and Second Consultants reviews and Rating Scales.
  • When both Consultants agree, you will move onto the second half of the practicum.
  • Occasionally, if it is felt that sufficient progress is not being made, your Primary Consultant will discuss possible next steps with you, such as supervision prior to continuing with the practicum
  • If the Primary and Secondary Consultants do not agree on the recommendation, then the DDPI Board Review Committee, whose decision and recommendations will be final, will review the recording and written materials