What is required before starting the Consultant Practicum?

Step 1: Minimum of one year as a Certified Practitioner in DDP

You need be a Certified Practitioner in DDP for a minimum of one year prior to applying

Step 2: You need to be up to date with your Renewal of DDP Practitioner Certification requirements

More information at Renewal of Practitioner Certification requirements

Step 3: Confirm your Primary and Secondary Consultants in DDP for the Consultant Practicum

When you are ready, ask a DDP Consultant to be your Primary Consultant for the Practicum. You will also need a Second Consultant. Your Primary Consultant can help you choose your Second Consultant.

The use of online video meeting and conference software, such as Skype, for supervision means that you don’t need to live near, or even in the same country as your Consultants.

If your current DDP supervisor is a DDP Consultant, she or he can be your Primary or Second Consultant.

All current DDP Consultants are listed under Find a DDP Practitioner, Consultant or Trainers

Step 4: Ask your Primary Consultant to review two recordings of your work

Send, or show, your Primary Consultant a video recording of both of the following:

  • One full session of your practice with a child and his or her parent(s) or caregivers(s) (45 minutes minimum length)
  • One full session of your practice with parent(s) or caregivers(s) only (45 minutes minimum length)

Your Consultant will be assessing the extent to which you demonstrate an excellent level of both knowledge and skills in the principles and application of DDP. Your Consultant will send you a written review of both recordings, complete the DDP Rating Scale and give you copies.

DDP Rating Scale (available as an editable PDF)

The DDP Rating Scale is a guide only. It gives you feedback about how your practice in the core components required to apply to become a Consultant in DDP is developing. The use of the DDP Rating Scale increases the reliability of the process across different DDP Consultants.

If your Primary Consultant considers you are ready to begin the Practicum to become a Consultant this will be confirmed in writing to you. If you aren’t ready yet the Consultant will make recommendations as to the next steps in your preparation.

If you disagree with this decision you can ask for a second opinion from another DDP consultant. If they don’t agree, you may have your recordings reviewed by the DDPI Board Review Committee, whose decision and recommendations will be final.

Step 5: Application materials and documents review by Primary Consultant

The required application materials and documents will need to be seen by your Primary Consultant and/or sent to the relevant DDPI appointed individual. Your Primary DDP Consultant will tell you who this is and how to do this.

The DDPI Consultant Certification List of application materials

  • Evidence of current Professional Registration (UK) or license of ability to practice as a Therapist in their jurisdiction (all countries except UK)
  • Signed confirmation that you have your own professional indemnity insurance or that your organisation covers you for your DDP activities using the DDPI Professional Indemnity Insurance Information & Declaration Form.
  • Completed and signed DDPI Attestation Form
  • Evidence from your DDP supervisor that your Renewal of Practitioner Certification requirements are up to date
  • Confirmation from your Primary Consultant of your readiness to start the Practicum
  • Written narrative including a summary of your experience of DDP work, your reasons for wanting to become a Consultant and plans for your future practice (approx. 1 side of size A4 paper (210 mm × 297 mm  or 8.27 in × 11.7 in) or the letter paper size commonly used in North America (8.5 in × 11 in or 216 mm × 279 mm)).
Step 6: Pay the DDPI Consultant Certification fee

There is only one fee to pay.

$200 £128

Your Primary DDP Consultant will tell you how to pay. Only those living in the UK may pay their fees in GBP.

Details of all DDPI Fees 

Step 7: The option of updating your professional profile on the DDP Network site

Once you have started the practicum, please let your Primary Consultant know if you want to add that you are in training to become a Consultant in DDP, to your DDP Network site profile.