Completing the Organisational Practicum and Certification

Step 1. Completion of the Practicum

The Organisation completes the practicum when the Primary and Second Consultants agree that the organisation has reached the required standards of practice as set out in the Action Plan and Portfolio of Evidence.

The Final Reviews of both consultants and the forward Action Plan will be presented to the Board by the Primary Consultant with a recommendation for certification.

Step 2. Agreement and Recommendation

If the Primary and Second Consultants do not agree on the recommendation, then the DDPI Board Review Committee, whose decision and recommendations will be final, will review the Organisation’s Portfolio of Evidence and the findings of the Consultants and determine if the Action Plan has been completed.

If it is felt that sufficient progress has not been made, the DDPI Board Review Committee will outline steps necessary for the Organisation to complete the Action Plan and Practicum.

The Practicum is completed when the Primary and Second Consultants then agree that the Organisation has completed the steps outlined by the DDPI Board Review committee.

Step 3. Payment of Certification fee

The Organisation pays the DDP Organisation Certification fee.

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Fee USD ($)$200$400$800
Annual revenue<$500K$500K-$5M$5M>
Step 4. DDPI certificate sent

The Organisation will be sent a DDPI certificate that states it is a Certified DDP Organisation.

This certificate will include the DDPI trademark, a DDPI Organisation membership number, and the dates the certification is valid. It will name the Primary and Second Consultants and will be signed by Dan Hughes, founder of DDP.

The Organisation has the option of being listed as a Certified Organisation in DDP on the website.

Step 5. Certification length and renewal

Certification is valid for 4 (four) years. Dates of certification are included on the Organisation’s DDPI certificate.

Details of how to renew the certificate can be found on Renewal of Organisational Certification.

Step 6. Declaration concerning Renewal of Organisation Certification

A senior member of the organisation will read, complete and sign The Declaration concerning Renewal of Organisation Certification.

Declaration Concerning Renewal of Organisation Certification

Please return this document to the organisation’s DDPI-Approved Primary Consultant.